Our Story

The Nexba story began in 2010 when 23-year-old Aussie, Drew, lay on a Mexican beach sipping a homemade iced tea. As he thought about how damn good it tasted, it also dawned on him just how much sugar was in that tiny glass. He wondered if you could make a natural drink that tasted just as good but without the sugar overload. Impossible right!?

Armed with a tan and a plan, Drew turned to his brother-in-law, Troy, to help transform this wacky idea into a reality. And so Nexba was born, affectionately named after the Rio Nexpa beach in Mexico that started it all. From then on, the Aussie Boys set out to do things differently, and better.

Within a year the duo were selling their first drinks from the back of a van in Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Six years later they had perfected their globally patented natural sweetener blend. And a couple of years after that they took their vision global, launching into the UK.

Fast forward to 2020 and Nexba is the leading Naturally Sugar Free brand, proudly enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of households across Australia and Europe. Cheers to that!

Nexba Watermelon, Cucumber & Mint Sparkling Water

No Sugar, No Worries

Life’s all about living right! For the Aussie Boys there’s nothing more important than creating great tasting products that are also good for you. So, at Nexba we live by the mantra ‘No Sugar, No Worries’. You can trust that our products will always be free of sugar and artificials.

In fact, being Naturally Sugar Free was a rare thing before Nexba came along. Nothing like it existed in the Aussie Boy’s home country, let alone the world.

The recipe our founders crafted over six years is made up of the “I can’t believe it’s not sugar” mix of stevia and erythritol. It matches the feel of sugar on the tongue, tastes just as sweet but has none of the nasty side effects.

And it’s all done naturally. Stevia is a pure plant-based sweetener used in cooking for centuries and erythritol is made by fermenting the natural starches in fruits such as pears and melons. Magic, hey?!

Nexba strawberry & peach kefir

Good Gut Feels

Not ones to sit still, the Aussie boys then turned their innovative minds to our guts, recognising how important gut health is for our overall wellbeing. And not to mention how toxic sugar and artificial sweeteners can be for our ol’ mate, the gut!

After finding a bunch of products out there promising to make your tummy happy but not delivering the goods, the boys once again set out to do better. They realised that there were lots of ‘good gut bacteria’ claims but that most of the bacteria didn’t even make it to your gut alive!

They went back to the drawing board and spent years working on a unique, robust strain of good gut bacteria that’s strong enough to make it to your gut intact. This way it can perform all its little health miracles uninterrupted and you can find these wondrous live cultures in many of Nexba's products.